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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 31, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EST

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washington. we're glad you're joining us. it is 6:00. i am alison starling. we're on storm watch today. the weather is the big story. the whole viewing area is under a winter weather advisory. jim russ has the situation on the roadways. we will start with adam caskey with the latest information. not a lot of speculation but a lot of sliery spots on the roads. >> a winter weather advisory will be issued by the national weather service if during a commute time you can see up to or around an inch of accumulation of sleet or snow or ice to make it slippery. the roads are slippery out ther we have the rain, thele, and the freezing rain. the pink.
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is a combination of freezing rain and sleet that is falling. out in leesburg and further to the north and west, that is where we have snow. an inch and a half or up suit 2 inches of snow could fall along highway 15. sleet and freezing rain and bill little bit of snow. then a few scattered rain showers. then the rain will and as temperatures climb up to about 40 degrees. mostly cloudy and 30 degrees to fly. precipitation should be over with by this evening. >> looking at a road temperatures around maryland areas. there are large and below freezing, even down at the nice bridge. pavement temperature at 32. it is right on the borderline. the bridge has been treated and is mostly west. we're looking at icy conditions.
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looking at some of the ramps in the springfield area. there are a bunch of accidents. north of town, we're dealing th mostly snow. the road is snow-covered. callers say it is very slippery. back to you. >> thank you. our storm watch coverage continues with pamela brown she is live with more on the conditions on the roadways. it is a masess out there. >> we saw several trucks. trucks all morning long coming up and loading up and heading back out onto the roads. they're focusing on the overpasses and bridges because they tend to ice up and be very slippery. you can expect things to be messy for the morning rush. drivers need to take it easy
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because there could be slipped spots and even black ice. we're expecting up to an inch of accumulation this morning. temperatures will rise this afternoon. we're expecting plane rain to fall. that is good news for those hitting al tonight. this morning, drivers need to take it easy. stay at home if you can. or take mass transit if you cannot. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will be checking back all morning long. if you want instant weather updates, log onto our website, 6:03. we have a developing story. police are investigating a deadly shooting. this happened around 1:00 this morning. police got a report of the shooting. they found an adult male dead of gunshot wounds inside a home.
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police are still gathering details. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed eight cia employees. the bomber blew himself up inside the u.s. military base. the cea has not yet confirmed these deaths. four canadian soldiers and a journalist were killed and a separate >. president obama will get an up day on the security situation. he ordered a review. the president wants an update on airline security procedures and the systemic failures in the intelligence community. philip stewart is live with more details. >> these will be the early results of an investigation the president himself ordered. there was a series of missteps.
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the government is facing increasing criticism with word of numerous red flags that were missed. the report will explain why a breakdown allowed umar farouk abdulmutallab to board the u.s. fligt with explosives. u.s. authorities received warnings about him weeks before. one recommendation mandates intelligence officials to share information with other agencies. the transportation security administration is expected to release new guidelines including using full-body scanners. coming up, we will talk about when the full results of today's report will be made public and what we might next year from the president. >> thank you. conservative talk-show host rush limbaugh is in a hawaii hospital after suffering a health scare. paramedics were called to his room every complained of chest
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pains. he is on vacation in hawaii. he told emergency crews he was taking medication for a back problem. he is said to be resting comfortably. police are searching for clues into a murder in arlington. >> we're investigating this. >> come on in. >> police went door to door to get information about the murder of carl diener. his body was found tuesday morning near curving street. sources say he was stabbed. -- near irving street. george phillips was awaiting a hearing on bank robbery charges. authorities say he was in a holding cell when the thomas leake stab thomas in the face and shot charles embrey with his gun.
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both deputies are expected to recover. the party in times square is about to get started. we have a live picture from new york city. thousands of people will pack the streets about 12 hours from now and will watch the famous ball drop. the theme is left there be courage. you can watch right here on abc 7 with' s new year's rock in eve. 6:07, up 30 degrees. some big changes for your tv. we will tell you why you can lose some channels. >> we feel blessed they are healthy. five fingers, up five toast and all the right parts in the right places. >> we will tell you about some special deliveries. five sets of twins since christmas. but first, our storm watch coverage continues. we have a messy new year's eve.
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take it easy on the roadways. you're watching "good morning washington."
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very slick on area roadways, especially north and west of the metro area. we have a light rain coming down. freezing rain, as well. it is freezing countries and mailboxes off to my right. it is mixed precipitation everywhere.
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we have some freezing rain up and down the 95 corridor. even 66 and 270. we're seeing some snow mixed in and seeing some accumulation on the roadways. this will all change to rain and push out of the region early this afternoon. we could see anywhere from a trace of winter precipitation in southern maryland to about and inches of snow north and west of the metro area. high today of 40. >> it is a difficult and dangerous morning to be on the roads. i would suggest to weights and delay your trip. we have wet pavement south and east of town. the surface temperature is widespread and will be right at or just below freezing. watch it on all the bridges and ramps at the springfield interchange.
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66 eastbound, before you g to pay market, there was a jackknifed fuel tanker. traffic was getting by to the left on the grass. a car spun out. light was on the george washington parkway. the northbound lanes to retrieve a car that ran off the road. mostly snow with some sleet mixed in. these guys are running about 30 miles an hour because the road is covered with snow. back to you. >> not a pretty picture out there. 6:12. it is illegal for federal workers to texts while driving. president obama banned it back in october. federal authorities are not allowed to texts while driving government vehicles or driving their own vehicles while on official business. 12 minutes after the hour.
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a cable companies fight could mean a channel changes for time warner customers. but first, we have a desperate plea for donations from a church pastor.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, our latest round of winter weather is causing a mass on the roadways. a mix of snow and freezing rain is falling all over our area. we are under a winter weather advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. police want to know who shot and killed a man ely this morning. the victim was found in a home
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in the to wonder block of webster street. there were called there for a report of gunstock -- gunshots. a man wants more than $1 million by tomorrow. that's how much he says is needed to keep a church out of debt. he is asking for help. he said year and donations fell off. in the studies suggest the h1n1 virus is less contagious than past pandemic. if someone in your home has a swine flu, your odds of catching and are one in eight. children are twice as likely to catch it. household members over 50 are the least likely to become ill . 6:15. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is a real mess on the
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roadways. jim russ is tracking the latest. let's start with adam caskey. we do not have a lot of snow or anything. >> youan see traffic down pennsylvania avenue. it is mainly west with some icy spots. look at fath hurley. you have sleet and snow covering the roadways. it is a slow go. most roads are passable if you're good at winter driving and you go very slowly. give yourself extra following distance. watch out for the ramps. big cursed and turns in the bridges. the back edge of the main shield is mixed precipitation and moving through culpeper right now. behind that, we do have some light rain showers. the paint arink area is the mixd
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precipitation. snow is also mixed in, a special. montgomery and loudoun counties. up to an inch and a half is expected before the change over to all rain. approaching leesburg, the western edge is approaching warrenton and culpeper. that is the back edge of the precipitation. there are a few hours left. then if you scattered rain showers later this morning. we are critical temperature- wise, right at the freezing point. rising to a 40 degrees this afternoon. we will have mainly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 30's. we're not anticipating a refreezing fly. blusery and called this weekend. back to jim with the roads. >> we have varying conditions out there. this is 270 southbound. it looks like it is mostly snow in the shady groveameras.
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you can see the cameras going through the right side. all these folks are following a plow. they are plowing into slots in the roadway. a lot of places are falling wheel tracks and temperatures on the pavement in the d.c. area are at or just below freezing. if you are south and east, it is possibly freezing on the ramps. this is a ramp in the springfield. . in looks like the rest incident northbound heading towards the beltway. >> not an easy drive today. new numbers from the holiday shopping seasons plus big changes for some cable customers. vinita nair has more. >> good morning. there is a dispute the could knock out the fox network for millions of cable subscribers. fox's owner says a deal with
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time warner cable is unlikely. subscribers could lose some fox shows. fox is demanding about a dollar for each cable subscriber each month. the network was offered those for free. americans appear to of put off much of their holiday shopping until the last money. -- until the last minute. winter storms forced many to deliver their shopping. the day after christmas was the second biggest shopping day of the season. $27 billion in sales online. the government now owns a majority stake in gmac financial-services after providing another round of taxpayer money. the company is getting about $3.8 billion in additional aid, the third third payment for the government.
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it struggles with big losses in its home mortgage unit. general motors is extending its deadline to find a buyer for saab. the original deadlineas today. tavern on the green serves its final meal tonight. the landmark was once the country's highest grossing restaurant. but now it is bankrupt, another victim of the recession. everything goes on sale in and weeks. "good morning america," coming up, resolutions to get your financial house in order for the new year. and that is your "money scope" report. i am vinita nair. 30 degrees. doctors are seeing double at a hospital in frederick. 5 sense of twins have been delivered since christm. later on "oprah," some heart-
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pounding moments with the greatest magicians.
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have you gotten your seasonal flu vaccination? great - but your work's not done yet. we still need to get the h1n1 flu vaccination. you, me -- we should all get one. the vaccine is safe and proven effective against this highly contagious new strain of flu virus. we can help prevent the spread of this virus if we all just roll up our sleeves. to learn more about the h1n1lu vaccination visit or call your local health department it's up to you to fight the flu. >> hello. i am here at the u.s. national arboretum in washington. our fourth 46 acres is a beautiful place to visit year- round. happy holidays. good morning, washington. and we say good morning,
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washington, as well. the district's population is set to surpass 600,000 for the first time in almost and decades. in july, the estimated population was 599,657. that is a gain of almost 9600 over the previous year. this is the highest d.c.'s population has been since 99 when it was almost six under 1000. a hospital in frederick is celebrating several special delivery spree 10 babies, up five sets of twins were delivered in just 36 hours. these births took place between monday and wednesday. all of them are healthy. >> they are healthy. i do know -- i do not know what is happening this year. >> we feel blessed. >> some babies were born naturally, others through in
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vitro. they said this only happens once in a blue moon. it just so happens there is a blue moon tonight for the first time in 19 years. congratulations to all those milies. 6:25 is your time. coming up, family and friends of a missing mother found dead say police should have done more in their search for her. we'll out the latest from this controversy. >> wintry weather is making the roads is slippery mess. i will tell you what you need to know if you were heading out. >> adam caskey live in the weather center. we are tracking this low pressure to our south which is causing a wintry precipitation across the board.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washginton," on your side. and good morning, washington. we will start with a look at the road conditions. the weather is the story of the day. this is maryland, 270. look at that. snow coming down. >> you noticed it on the overpasses. even some freezing rain. that is where we have mostly snow. >> we switch over to virginia. 395 north at glebe road, a totally different picture. >> it is slick. you do see the road spray because it is mainly just rain falling, especially in arlington. some of that is freezing where it freezes on contact. >> we did hear a story, a horror story.
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somebody slipped on the ice. another had to scrape the ice off the wind chill. >> it is a slow go. give yourself extra time. this means shield of precipitation across the board will be out of here in just a couple of hours. then we will have scattered rain showers. the pink. was the freezing rain. but it's the about an inch and a half to about and inches. those in montgomery county, send me an e-mail. measure it and send me an e-mail with your accumulation. >> we have accumulating snow north and west. it has been snow-covered from rockville out to frederick. expect to find wheel tracks. you cannot find lane markings.
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traffic is moving slowly as you travel through upper montgomery county. expect to find worst conditions out on the ramps. this ramp this snow-covered. people are moving too quickly. springfield. the ramps have been treated. it looks like rain. it is freezing to elevated services that are 32 degrees or below. be careful. it is tough to tell what you're traveling on. >> thank you. pamela brown is live in northeast. tell us what is like on the roadways this morning. >> conditions are picking up out here. we cannot sleet and freezing rain coming wn. trucks are lined up, filling up on salt and heading back on to the roads. they're focusing on the ramps and overpasses. they freeze up first and are
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dangerous for drivers. you can expect conditions to be iicy for the morning rush. right now, temperatures are below freezing. if you're heading out, use common sense. >> do not be overly confident and cannot be too nervous. take your time. if conditions are to bed, call in and say, i will see you next year. >> back live, ddot has 200 trucks. morning rush is expected to be dicey. the good news is that by 1:00 p.m., we are expected plane rain and for temperatures to rise above the freezing mark. that is good news for travelers heading out tonight. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. we will keep checking back with adam and jim all morning. if you want an instant weather
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update, log onto our website, 6:33. the taliban is claiming responsibility r a deadly attack against the cia in afghanistan. eight workers died when a suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest blew himself up inside a u.s. military base. the cia has not yet confirmed these desperate for canadian soldiers and the journalists were killed and a separate attack. president obama will get his first report on the intelligence failure that allowed a suspect to board a plane with a bomb. philip stewart has more. good morning. >> these will be the early results of an investigation the president ordered himself. a series of intelligence
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missteps are being revealed. the government and white house are facing increasing criticism of numerous red flags that were missed. the report will explain why a breakdown in intelligence allowed umar farouk abdulmutallab to board a flight with explosives sewn into his underwear. he boarded the flight even though authorities received warnings about him weeks before. >> things are still the same. >> one recommendation maates iofficials take a second look at information and share with other agencies. officials were supposed to raise red flags when abdulmutallab applied for a u.s. visa. >> they have to connect the dots. we cannot have another failure. >> new guidelines are expected to be released including using full-body scanners. there are concerns over privacy
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among passengers. some passengers say safety must be the top priority. >> been carpeted and having security would alleviate certain issues of privacy. >> the report will stay classified until the president shares the details with americans. that is expected to happen on monday. critics say the white house should make an announcement sooner rather than later. >> thank you. now we turn to the fight over health care. a teddy journals -- attorney general's are threatening legal action. senate democrats gave ben nelson a break on medicaid payments in exchange for his vote. lawmakers will begin trying to merge the house and senate health care bill coming up next month. rush limbaugh is hospitalized in hawaii after a
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health scare. paramedics took him to the hospital in serious condition after he complained of chest pains. he is there on vacation and is now resting comfortably > we have the latest on the woodbridge mother who was found dead on tuesday in dale city. family and friends accused police of not searching hard and tough to find her. she hit a tree while driving erratically in dale city. witnesses say she appeared to be drawn. her daughter ran to neighbors for help and. and weeks later, her body was found. family and friends say police waited too long to do an intensive search. >> somebody from the system should have been helping them. >> police did canvassed the neighborhood but they did not do a grid search where she was last
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seen until tuesday. police are looking into these complaints. with job losses, new polls say most of us are glad to put 2009 in the books. according to a poll, nearly 3/fourth of americans say 2009 was a bad year for the country. 42% rated it very bad. only 60% said it was a good year pretty to % are looking forward to what 2010 will bring for their families. 6:37. more cuts at a local newspaper. linda bell is live with that story and more for us. happy new year. >> it looks like we're setting up for a higher open for stocks. the s&p 500 index may see its biggest annual rall in six years preparing has rebounded more than 65% from the lower
6:38 am
reaches back in march. the best performing stock this year is xl capital, an insurance culpeper i made an almost fivefold gain. the company cut costs to raise money. general motors has extended the deadline for the sale of its saab unit. they are considering a bid until january 7. the addition -- it gives them more time to come up with the financing to buy saab. gm will begin the process of winding down of the saab unit. the company laid off the top news from the executives. this is according to "the washington post." the sports and metrosexual will cease to exist after friday's edition. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. alison, have a happy new year.
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correct thinking so much. 6:38, about 31 degrees. in maryland coffeehouse is serving up something hotter than usual bew. we will tell you all about it. -- something hotter than your usual brew. we will track the roadways will
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good morning, everybody. happy new year. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. will star with adam caskey. he is outside here in rosslyn. -- we start with adam caskey. >> we have mainly rain in some freezing rain. and also some obsosleet. it is accumulating lightly and some of the dirt surface. montgomery county, western fairfax county, we have snow and sleet falling. it's all beginning to wrap all. we have about and hours of this steady precipitation. it is mixed in nature. then scattered rain showers later this morning. then on to the early afternoon. high temperatures rising up to near 40 degrees. we could see up to and inches of
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accumulation, especially north and west of the metro. . then it will change over to all rain. >> we're looking at montgomery county. this is springfield at the 95 interchange. mostly wet pavement. a lot of these ramps and bridges are at the freezing mark. they have gone quite iicy. 295 in prince george's county has been a sheet of ice all morning long. let's go in to maryland. the issue has been snow. we have snow-vered roads. this is been very treacherous for a lot of people getting som moderate snow in upper montgomery county. paul you can see is wheel tracks. you nnot find lane markings. we have dozens of reports of spun out cars. back to you. >> such a mess out there.
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there is a coffee shop in in a randle com -- in anne arundel county and their dressing up in skimpy outfits, helping customers prokopyeverk . most of the regulars are men. service asked -- one customer asked for her coffee with skim milk. asked for her coffee with skim milk.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden,
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traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. and welcome back. it is about 6:47. president obama once a report by today on why federal authorities failed to stop fraud is attempted terror attack. he calls this unacceptable. in nigerian man was arrested after allegedly tried to bring down in northwest flight as it approached detroit. americans are being warned about a possible attack in new year's eve. e-mails have been sent out for people to be alert. the didn't give details about any specific threats. this comes six months after bombings in jakarta left seven people dead. our latest round of winter weather is causing a big mess on the roads today. we are under a winter weather
6:48 am
advisory until 1:00 this afternoon. pamela brown is live in northeast. are you seeing any improvement yet? >> right now we still have sleet and freezing rain. no snow as of yet. you see the crews lined up here. there are waiting to load up on the assault and they will head back on the roads. ddot has about 200 trucks on the roads and they are focusing on the overpasses and perhaps that tend to freeze up first. conditions are slippery. you want to take it easy. it is expected to be cey out there. watch out for black ice. if you can, try to take mass transit or take it easy. we are expecting melting
6:49 am
later this afternoon. good news for travelers heading out to ring in the new year. >> thank you. we have been talking all morning about what a mess it is out there. >> it is a masess. >> it is a birthday today. >> happy birthday to my mother. >> she is so sweet. happy birthday. now back to the storm. some freezing rain and then snow north and west of the metro area. it should be coming to and then right now for some of oz. >> stay in this morning if you can. >> wait a couple of hours. everything will melt off. precipitation should then surely. the back edge is moving through leesburg. montgomery county, coming to an end. south up 66 in northern virginia, prince william county,
6:50 am
north of fairfax county, we're seeing a steady mix of rain and freezing rain. the back edge is moving through frederick. some snow leftover in the panhandle of west virginia. one last batch of snow. in southern maryland, we're seeing the light rain showers. there are some reports of accumulations. howard county, one and a half inches. washington county, 1.6 inches of snow. herndon, half an inch. frederick county, an inch. loudoun county, about half an inch of sleet and snow mixed. you can see the package moving through. a few hours of steadier precipitation. we still have these showers down to the south and wt. they are scattered in nature.
6:51 am
this should remain will reign as temperatures slowly warm up. once this area of scattered precipitation gets here, -- we're still in a winter weather and advisory until 1:00 p.m. scattered rain showers ending early. mainly cloudy as we bring in the new year. temperatures above freezing. we're not anticipating a refreezing tonight. that is good news, especially for those of you heading out and about five. temperatures will be above freezing around the region as we ring in the new year. maybe an isolated sprinkle or brief flurry tomorrow. blustery and called this weekend. wind chill is down near a tent and the single digits again on sunday morning. let's go back to jim with their commute. >> 270 we are > 270 in
6:52 am
germantown. this is the way it is in month permit county, a fairfax, loudoun. snow-covered roads. -- this is the way it is in montgomery county. crews have started dropping their plows in montgomery county. even on the beltway to push back the snow and spreading chemicals. several spun out vehicles. if you jackknifed trucks. one is on 66 before haymarket. springfield looks wet here. it is mostly rain. you have to be careful because some are freezing up. we will be back.
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as you know, we are in the final hours of 2009. australia will be one of the first places to ring in the new year. crews are getting times square already. this is a live picture from new york city. thousands of people will be packing the streets. the theme for this year's party is left there be kurds. you can see it all right here
6:56 am
on abc 7. -- the theme is let there be acreagcourage. not fun of this morning is driving. the roads are a mess. >> jackknifed truck westbound on 66. it jackknifed truck. still left. this is 270. we're dealing with snow-covered roads. i see bridges -- icy bridges. >> the rain is wrapping up in frederick county. a few flurries. shenandoah valley, nothing falling right now except a brief flurry. locally, until about 8:00 a.m. before it comes to an end. been scattered rain showers. called this morning.
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>> thank you. happy new
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